Umpires end protest after MLB commissioner Rob Manfred agrees to meet

As noted in this space, MLB umpires on Saturday wore white armbands to protest what they see as increasing verbal abuse from players. Specifically, a recent incident between Ian Kinsler of the Tigers and veteran umpire Angel Hernandez seemed to be the tipping point. Here's a look at the armband:

On Sunday, though, umpires called off their protest after MLB commissioner Rob Manfred agreed to meet with their union board and discuss their concerns. The World Umpires Association released the following statement via a series of tweets:

Today WUA members agreed to the Commissioner's proposal to meet with the Union's Governing Board to discuss the concerns on which our white wristband protest is based. We appreciate the Commissioner's willingness to engage seriously on verbal attacks and other important issues that must be addressed. To demonstrate our good faith, MLB Umpires will remove the protest white wrist bands pending the requested meeting.

It of course remains to be seen whether Manfred takes any subsequent steps, but his willingness to meet with umpire reps indeed suggests that the conversation has started. For now, at least, the protest is on ice. 

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