VIDEO: Trailer for baseball movie 'Kano'

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Confession: I don't typically like baseball movies. I'm a bit of an admitted film snob, and the sub-genre of baseball flicks typically disappoints. I'm quite a fan of "The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg" and "Sugar," but I don't particularly care for usually cited exemplars like "Bull Durham" and "The Natural."

With all that said, color me intrigued by the following trailer for the new Taiwanese baseball movie "Kano" ... 

It looks like a fairly typical sports movie story arc, but it's the beautifully shot baseball footage that grabs me by my elitist lapels. On that point, note these passages from the Variety review of "Kano" ... 

"The Koshien playoffs occupy half the entire film, kicking off with a game against a Hokkaido team in which Joshiya is reintroduced as an ace pitcher; in gauging Kano’s performance via the opponent’s perspective, the story gains shades of psychological complexity. The climactic finals against three-time champion Kyoto Middle School run uninterrupted for more than 30 minutes, packed with hand-wringing tension and stirring performances that will sweep up even those viewers with little or no baseball knowledge."

Novelty of novelties: Here we have a baseball movie that purportedly features lots and lots of cinematically rendered baseball. If the above footage is any indicator, that's a feature, not a bug.

File under: movies I shall one day see. 

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