Kevin Durant: Warriors 'not really concerned' with having NBA's best record

Thanks to a 10-game winning streak, the Houston Rockets have surged up the Western Conference standings and have a slight lead on the Golden State Warriors for not only the best record in the West, but in the entire league at the All-Star break.

That fact, coupled with the Warriors slightly shaky (for them) past few weeks, has started the discussion of whether the Rockets can end the Warriors' reign in the West. That question is, of course, months from being determined, but here is where the Rockets and warriors stand right now.






1.  Houston  





2. Golden St.  





Closer at hand is the race for the No. 1 seed in the West for the NBA Playoffs, as well as the best record overall -- which will be crucial given the top teams' stellar home records -- At home the Rockets are 22-6, the Warriors are 22-7 and the Eastern Conference-leading Raptors are 24-4.

But ahead of All-Star Saturday night, Kevin Durant said the Warriors are not focused on having the best record. Instead, he said, they just want to be playing good basketball. 

Durant's response when asked about having the best record:

"If we don't play good basketball, we'll lose, so it's not even about the record. We just want to play good, and be in a good spot each and every game. It's peaks and valleys throughout the whole season, so we're not really concerned with the record. When you're trying to win a championship, it's all about how you're playing at the moment, so we gotta get better. Just like every other team probably sees that the same way."

Durant on fans showing slight signs of panic:

"Fans only go off what you guys say. They listen to you guys for the insight, so if you are panicking, they are. So for us, our job is not to give ourselves grade, or please the fans with however we play. We want to play good basketball, and it's a long season, and we'll have some struggles. We're getting better every single day. We'll be fine. It's nothing to panic about."

Of course, playing good basketball and having the best record are two things that go in hand, but Durant's answer is a wise one. 

The Warriors have to control what they can control. They need to be focused and play good basketball, and if they do that, they're talented enough that the wins and a strong record will come. But if they just chase a record without focusing on the task at hand each and every night, well, then they may not be the top seed this time around.

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