The Cleveland Cavaliers received their championship rings on Tuesday night, and raised their first championship banner. It was an emotional night, and the players were clearly affected by the experience. There was just so much joy visible on the faces of players like J.R. Smith, Tristan Thompson, Kevin Love, and of course LeBron James.

And the rings they received were stunning. They came in at 6.5 carats, and weighing the most of any championship ring, at over 165 grams. Here's a look at the Cavaliers' rings:

Of course... there was one more side to these babies. On the back side of the rings features a very distinct image. From Kay Jewelers, who distributed the rings, which were designed by Baron Rings:

On the interior side of the ring is a line of seven gemstones to represent the best-of-seven games in an NBA Finals series. In the order the games were won, three white diamonds depict the Golden State Warriors and four genuine "wine-colored" garnets represent the Cavaliers, symbolizing the first time in NBA history that any team has overcome a 3-1 deficit to become NBA Champions.
The Cavs' championship rings remind you the Warriors lost a 3-1 lead. Cleveland Cavaliers

That's right. The Cavaliers' championship rings literally do not allow you to be distracted from the fact the Warriors lost a 3-1 lead. Yes, it's an incredible team comeback, a testament to the Cavs' resilience. But it's also a painful reminder for any Warriors player, coach, team personnel, or fan who reads about these rings.

So yeah, of James' three championship rings, no doubt this one is the most special.