VIDEO: Nate Robinson is showing off drop-step dunks, still 5'9"

Denver Nuggets' guard Nate Robinson has shown off his athleticism for years. Ever since his Washington Huskies days when he was flying out of nowhere for dunks, he's been showing off his quickness and leaping ability with dunk contest wins, blocked shots out of nowhere, and spectacular in-game dunks.

The video you see above is Robinson posting a video of himself on Instagram. In the video, he's doing a one step, drop-step dunk. This is something guys like Serge Ibaka, Larry Sanders, Blake Griffin, Tim Duncan, LeBron James, David Lee, Kevin Love, and other big guys would practice just to make sure their footwork is balanced and allowing them to explode as they gather. None of those guys I mentioned are 5'9" or so on the height scale.

Even knowing Robinson's athletic ability and having watched him make plays for years, it's still absurd to see a guy at this height perform such a feat and make it look routine. At his height and with a reach of 6'1" Robinson has a standing reach of 7'7.5" as was measured at his pre-draft performance in 2004. So without much momentum, Robinson is propelling his body a little over three feet. 

Now I want everybody to go find a hoop, try to do what he did, and report back to just how close you came to an effortless two-handed dunk.

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