VIDEO: Rain delay actually happened in Wizards vs. Rockets game

We've already had a game postponed and relocated to a different city this season because smoke filled the arena due to a faulty generator in Mexico City. Saturday night in Washington, D.C. we experienced a game delayed because of rain. That's right; an NBA game had a rain delay due to a leak in the roof at the Verizon Center. 

During the second quarter of the Houston Rockets' win over the Washington Wizards, the referees had to stop the game because there was water falling onto the court. It was dropping around midcourt near the scorer's table. Overall, there were two different stoppages in play totalling 57 minutes in a pretty crazy game. 

The Rockets had a 25-point lead at one point before dropping five points behind the Wizards in the fourth quarter. From the 8:12 mark of the third quarter to the 5:26 mark of the fourth quarter, the Wizards went on a 49-19 run to take the five-point lead. Houston then came charging back to take control of the game back before winning 114-107. 

(H/T - ProBasketballTalk)

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