Chad Johnson's recovery method for sprained ankles: Warm urine. (Vine: Cork Gaines)

Chad Johnson once changed his last name to his jersey number (incorrectly) written out in Spanish, so really nothing that Johnson, formerly known as Mr. Ochocinco, does should surprise us anymore.

And yet, here we are. It's Wednesday, Feb. 10 of the year 2016, which makes it five years since Johnson last played in the NFL, and Johnson might've just topped every crazy thing that he's done in the past.

On Wednesday, the former Bengals receiver appeared on ESPN's Mike & Mike and dropped a bombshell on all of us. Back in his playing days, Johnson recovered from sprained ankles by collecting his teammates' urine, heating it up, and then soaking his injured ankle in the warm urine for 30 minutes.

Proof of Johnson's revelation:

No, he did not make it up on the spot to draw headlines. He's been saying this for years, apparently. Basically, urine is Johnson's version of nanobubbles. 

It turns out this isn't Johnson's first unusual experience with urine. Let's hop back in time to 2012, when a lion -- not the team, the actual animal -- peed on him "like a water gun," or so he said on Twitter.

So, to be clear: Lion pee is "horrific," human pee is a cure. Got it.