Winning a ring may have prompted Carson Wentz to give one away. On Tuesday, the Eagles quarterback announced his engagement to his longtime girlfriend just two days removed from the Eagles' first Super Bowl win. 

After helping rewrite Philly history with a title run that Wentz kicked off in 2017, the NFL MVP candidate took to Twitter to let the world know he's getting married.

Two things: Did we expect any less from Wentz to make the "now we both have a ring" joke before any of us could? And are any of us really surprised he found time to bring his beloved bride-to-be all the way to some kind of cobblestone castle for the proposal? This is why this guy got MVP votes, people. A class act on and off the field. 

On an unrelated note, some might think the fact that the future Mrs. Wentz has collected a ring means Carson will have even more motivation to hit the field in 2018 and help the Eagles repeat as champs, thus upping his own ring tally.

In reality, no one poses much of a threat to his reign as the king of family jewelry.