Every time Patrick Mahomes takes the field, he turns the Chiefs into must-watch television because he's bound to do something absolutely jaw-dropping. This could be either a 24-point comeback in a playoff game, a no-look throw in a high-pressure situation or some other flash of his athleticism and talent.

But even with everything he's done so far, the $503 million dollar man apparently has a lot more left to show off on the gridiron. In a video posted to Instagram, Mahomes showed off a no-look behind-the-back pass during an indoor workout. As with nearly every Mahomes pass, it was right on the money.

It's not exactly clear how truthful the claim that Mahomes will break this out during the season is given how much more difficult that might become once the pads go on and Von Miller is chasing him around. Nonetheless, it would certainly be a highlight that would headline every corner of sports media if it happens during an actual game -- even if the throw only does go a couple of yards forward.

Mahomes is coming off a year where he took Kansas City to the Super Bowl and defeated the San Francisco 49ers for the franchise's first Lombardi trophy in 50 years. Oh, and he also won the Super Bowl MVP for good measure.