Raiders owner Mark Davis: 'Hard Knocks' would be disruptive

We still have a few more weeks of free agency, the NFL Draft, and mini-camp to get through, but that doesn't mean people aren't paying attention to which teams can or will be on the next season of HBO's Hard Knocks. Due to rules prohibiting the appearance of teams with a first-year head coach, teams that have made the playoffs within the past two years, and teams that have appeared on Hard Knocks within the past 10 years, there are only five teams eligible for the next season: the 49ers, Raiders, Giants, Lions, and Washington.

One of the heavy favorites among people who like to speculate about this stuff is the Raiders. It makes sense. They have Jon Gruden. They have a new GM in Mike Mayock. They now have Antonio Brown. They spent a ton of money this offseason already, and they have three first-round picks to use next month. 

Owner Mark Davis, though, is not interested in having his team on the show. 

"It would be disruptive," Davis said at the NFL owners meetings, according to Sports Illustrated. "We've got a lot of business to take care of, get ready for the season. I appreciate that they might think we'd be great TV, but we got something to accomplish."

He even joked about figuring out a way to make his team ineligible to appear. "I'll just fire Jon and then hire him back [after another team is chosen]," Davis said.

Look. Mark Davis is entitled to his opinion. There's certainly a possibility that Hard Knocks would be disruptive to the Raiders. But this HAS TO happen, even if only for the sake of everyone's enjoyment and the ability to get off jokes on the internet. Hopefully, HBO feels the same way. 

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