Roberto Wallace, Michael Egnew didn't love their appearances on 'Hard Knocks'

Egnew got destroyed by Mike Sherman in a team meeting in front of cameras. (Getty)

As you can see,’s Will Brinson did a nice job with his recap of Tuesday’s second edition of “Hard Knocks,” which focused much of its attention on the Chad Johnson storyline.

But aside from the starting quarterback race and David Garrard’s knee injury and the status of longshot tight end Les Brown’s attractive significant other, there was plenty of criticism from the coaches to go around.

One of the more memorable scenes from the show occurred when the Dolphins coaches were sitting around a long table during a meeting and discussing receiver Roberto Wallace’s inability to create separation from the defensive backs who cover him. Then, somebody said he looked like he was running with ankle weights on -- ie. he looked awfully slow -- and that caused many in the room to laugh. For a few beats, Wallace was the butt of their jokes.

It’s not often you get to see football coaches making fun of their players, and when they do, it’s cringe-worthy for just about everybody involved.

The other uncomfortable moment occurred when offensive coordinator Mike Sherman ripped into third-round pick, tight end Michael Egnew, who didn’t look so impressive in the footage shown by HBO. During one team meeting, Sherman looked at Egnew, called his play “terrible” and said he would cut him if he could.

Throughout the short tirade, the camera focused on Egnew’s stony face, and Egnew agreed with Sherman that he had to do better.

So, what did the two Dolphins who came off looking the worst -- not including Chad Johnson, of course -- think about the episode?

As the Miami Herald writes, Wallace said all the right things to the media Wednesday but that it was clear he was not pleased with the public criticism.

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"At the end of the day it's a show," Wallace said. "That’s what they'll do. Obviously they pointed out all of the negatives which is part of the show. People like drama more than anything. They did it to Vontae (Davis) last week. I try to come out here and try to get better. Whatever criticism the coaches have, I can't control that. What I can control is my effort and my attitude. So I come out here with a positive attitude every day and leave it at that."

And for Egnew, he was asked if he received phone calls from friends and family who wanted to poke fun at or to show support for his televised plight. He didn’t smile when he said, “I shut my phone off.”

"I guarantee any player can tell you the experience,” Egnew said. “It's one of those things that happens a lot because he wants the best out of his players. It just so happens that mine made the episode and it's OK."

It’s also what makes “Hard Knocks" always so compelling. Coaches are honest for the cameras, and by extension, fans get a better understanding of what’s actually happening behind the scenes.

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