Terrell Owens reportedly still complaining, generally being T.O. with Seahawks

T.O.'s apparently complaining. Again. Sound the sirens. (Getty Images)

It's not exactly breaking news when Terrell Owens complains about something not going his way. That highlight reel is longer than the one featuring his catches.

But a report from Eric Williams of the Tacoma News-Tribune that T.O. is complaining in Seattle when things don't go his way should actually be of great concern, because it doesn't exactly indicate that Owens is embracing a humble attitude as he fights to hang onto his career.

"He still appears to be the same T.O. who complains when things are not going his way," Williams writes. "And Pete Carroll will not put up with that from a fifth or six[th] receiver -- see T.J. Houshmandzadeh."

When we took a look at Week 2 preseason performances, we tabbed Owens as someone who's stock was taking a dip, primarily because T.O. couldn't manage to reel in any catches, even if they hit him square in the breadbasket while he was crossing the goal line.

My initial reaction to that drop is to shake my head at Owens, because dropping that ball is too embarrassing to be comical. But I also imagine if it were me who made that catch, I'd return to the sidelines and scream gregariously about what a fool I was.

And then, if I suffered from a serious case of personal insecurity, I would probably spend the week loudly complaining about stuff in order to take attention away from the fact that I didn't catch any passes.

So maybe that's what's happening here, as Owens seeks to make up for a poor performance on the field by generating a performance on it. It's unlikely that T.O. knows any better or can even stop himself from doing it, if that's what's going on.

And he'll probably only get one more shot at redemption too, so he better quickly figure out a way to do a better job of catching Russell Wilson passes than he did with bombs from Matt Flynn.

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