Double-A Akron Aeros to become Akron Rubber Ducks

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In an inspired twist of world-championship marketing best practices, the Double-A Akron Aeros -- Eastern League affiliate of the Indians -- are set to become ... the Akron Rubber Ducks.

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Approval granted. 

As AkronNewsNow recently noted, the franchise in 2011 held a vote to determine whether the name should be changed from "Aeros" to "Rubber Ducks," "Tire Jacks," "Vulcan" and "Gum Dippers" (!). The people chose to keep Aeros, but, as history reminds us, the voice of the people often says stupid things. So the current Aeros ownership group is set to do an end run around around the collective will of the constiuency and name the team Rubber Ducks anyway. As they darn well should. 

A baseball team named the Rubber Ducks! 

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