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It's August and the non-waiver trade deadline has passed. That means we have roughly two months of regular season left, and contending rosters are (mostly) in fighting shape.

So now that we're chest-deep in the 2014 season, let's revisit our preseason predictions and permit ourselves some do-overs where the standings (and maybe recent trades) dictate. Here's how Jon Heyman, Mike Axisa, Dayn Perry and Matt Snyder see the balance of the 2014 season playing out in each of MLB's six divisions and then in the postseason. As always, there's still plenty of time to be wrong ...  

Stretch Drive Predictions: Division champions
Division Heyman Axisa Perry Snyder
AL East
AL Central
AL West
NL East
NL Central
NL West

Now let's have a look at who we think will claim the four wild-card berths ... 

Stretch Drive Predictions: Wild card winners
Wild card Heyman Axisa Perry Snyder
AL wild card no. 1
AL wild card no. 2
NL wild card no. 1
NL wild card no. 2

And finally the pennant and World Series winners ... 

Stretch Drive Predictions: World Series
Champions Heyman Axisa Perry Snyder
AL pennant winner
NL pennant winner
World Series winner

Note that Heyman is sticking to his guns and repeating his preseason predictions. He doesn't believe in changing them midseason. Bold.

Any objections? Of course there are ... 

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