VIDEO: MLB admits botched replay in Yankees-Red Sox game

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Major League Baseball is getting close to concluding the second full week of the new instant replay system and obviously there are still several things to be ironed out. Among them: Apparently needing a "conclusive angle" on replays.

Check this out:

OK, so anyone with a DVR and a pause button on a TV that isn't something like 1950s-level, black-and-white, low-definition should be able to see that Dean Anna popped off the bag while the tag was being applied. It was quick, sure, but also pretty clear. You don't even have to watch the video -- just look at the still-picture preview above. Regardless, the umpires didn't change the call after Red Sox manager John Farrell challenged it. So not only did the call stand, but he lost his challenge.

After the game, this happened:

I'll just say this: It's a good thing October is pretty far away. The replay system is a net positive, in my view, but mistakes like this shouldn't be made in big spots in big games by the time we get there (September and October, to be specific). The conclusive angle thing needs to be fixed.

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