The Philadelphia Eagles have battled issues on offense over the past few weeks as injuries and poor quarterback play continue to mount. The latest setback on the Eagles offense is much more concerning. Brandon Brooks, considered one of the best guards in the NFL and on his way to an All-Pro season, left Sunday's loss to the Seattle Seahawks due to another bout with anxiety, as the Philadelphia Inquirer's Jeff McLane reported Sunday night. Eagles head coach Doug Pederson confirmed the report on SportsRadio WIP Monday morning

"I'll just say this, I'm not going to get into a lot of detail with that," Pederson said in his weekly radio appearance. "Because, listen, this is a real life issue. This is not a football issue with Brandon. This is a real life issue that he has come out and publicly acknowledged and kind of shared his story a few years back. It's something that he's dealing with each and every day of his life. You never really know what triggers it. 

"We're here to support him, we love him. It is unfortunate that it happened, but it's something that he deals with every single day. We're just going to continue to support him."

Brooks admitted his bouts with anxiety when he last had to exit a game three years ago. Brooks's anxiety disorder cost him to miss two games in 2016, causing an uncertain future with the Eagles and his NFL career. He responded with two dominant seasons at right guard, which prompted the Eagles to sign him to a four-year, $54 million extension earlier this year -- making him the second-highest-paid guard in the NFL. 

There are things bigger than football going on in Brooks's life right now. The Eagles primary concern is to help their right guard survive this latest scare. 

Jason Peters was one of the Eagles linemen that also helped Brooks go through his anxiety issues in 2016, helping him when he had a bad day at the office or what else was going on in his life. Peters is still on the roster, so he could be a voice Brooks turns to once again. 

"Although I have a lot of experience, I'll ask him, 'what do you see here? How would you handle it?,'" Brooks told Jimmy Kempski of the Philly Voice in 2017. "All you can really do is just learn and get a different perspective, not just on the field but life issues. Probably the biggest thing he questions about is last year I went through the anxiety deal, he was the person that stepped up and had my back early. He would be like, I know what's happening, I get it.

"He was that positive voice, kind of like that rock to lean on when I was going through it."