If there's one thing that makes preseason football worth the price of admission, it's a squirrel running out on the field during the middle of a game, and that's exactly what thousands of lucky fans in Philadelphia got treated to on Thursday. 

During the second quarter of the Eagles' 38-31 win over the Dolphins, a brave little squirrel decided that it was time to prove once and for all that squirrels can play football. 

This squirrel interrupted the Dolphins-Eagles game.  NFL GamePass

I think we can all agree that a squirrel playing football has Disney movie written all over it. 

Of course, if a squirrel runs on the field during a game, you can bet there's going to be plenty of jokes on Twitter, and that was certainly the case here. 

I'm not actually sure if that's joke because I think it's true. 

Also, it appears that the Browns now may or may not be interested in signing the squirrel. 

During the Eagles win, backup quarterback Matt McGloin threw an interception, and almost as soon as it happened, a few Eagles fans wanted him immediately replaced by the squirrel. 

The thing is, if the squirrel does get signed, that could start another controversy. 

The best part of the squirrel's appearance might have been hearing NFL draft guru Mike Mayock scouting out the furry animal while it was on the field. 

Unfortunately for the squirrel, it did not get signed by either team after the game and it remains a free agent.