NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Seattle Seahawks
Steven Bisig / USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens and Las Vegas Raiders are taking part in the first "Monday Night Football" matchup of the year. Not only are the players on these two teams getting their first taste of regular-season football in 2021, but the referees are as well -- as evidenced by this bizarre missed interception call in the first quarter.

On third-and-10, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr attempted to hit star tight end Darren Waller across the middle for a first down. Cornerback Marlon Humphrey batted down the ball. Or did he? At the end of the play, Raiders wide receiver Hunter Renfrow ran in to jump on the ball. He knew something we didn't: That Humphrey unknowingly intercepted the pass and then fumbled the ball.

Check out the play, here:

Humphrey trapped the ball on Waller's backside without knowing, and he even came up with what appeared to be possession!

It didn't appear anyone else realized, as the Raiders then punted on fourth down. It certainly looks like that ball never hit the ground!