LOOK: This is why NFL kickers should never be allowed to play kickball

There's a good chance that Panthers kicker Graham Gano is never going to be invited to play kickball with his family ever again. Although it's not easy to get banned from family kickball games, Gano might have done it this week. 

Following the Panthers' minicamp practice on Tuesday, Gano got home and noticed that his family was playing a friendly game of kickball on the driveway. At that point, Gano asked if he could join the game and his wife said yes, but she also added that there was one important rule, "Don't kick it hard."

As you're about to see below, not only did Gano break the rule, but I'm pretty sure he sent the ball into another time zone. 

After watching the video 40 times, I'm still not sure if the the best part is Gano's home run trot or the total look of despair given by his wife and son as they begin to realize that their game of kickball is likely over. 

The next time the Gano family gets together for a game of kickball, they might want to invite Julio Jones to play instead, because there's a good chance he won't be kicking any home runs. As a matter of fact, if the video below is any indication, he might not hit the ball at all. 

As for Gano, it's a good thing he just signed a new four-year, $17 million contract in March because he's likely going to have to spend some of that money buying new kickballs for his family. 

By the way, as the son of a former NFL kicker (Jim Breech), I can tell you for a fact that letting an NFL kicker play kickball with you is always a bad idea: You're either going to lose the kickball, spend all day chasing the kickball or go an entire week with a giant red mark on your face because the kickball hit you in the mouth. It's a no-win situation for everyone in the game who's not an NFL kicker. 

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