If an NFL team wants to sign Aaron Hernandez, it'll have to talk to Roger Goodell first. (USATSI)
If an NFL team wants to sign Aaron Hernandez, it will have to talk to Roger Goodell first. (USATSI)

Former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez officially cleared waivers on Thursday, which means technically, even though he's in jail, he's free to sign with any team he wants.  

As you can imagine, the NFL wouldn't be too thrilled if a team signed Hernandez, who was charged Wednesday with murder. The league released a statement on Thursday clarifying Hernandez's status:  

NFL clubs were advised [Thursday] that if Aaron Hernandez enters into a player contract prior to the resolution of the charges pending against him, the contract will not be approved or take effect until Commissioner Roger Goodell holds a hearing. The purpose of the hearing would be to determine whether Hernandez should be suspended or face other action prior to the charges being resolved.

Basically, Roger Goodell would hold a hearing and eventually have to OK any contract that Hernandez might sign before his criminal case is resolved. Goodell would also have the option to veto the contract or suspend Hernandez for whatever period of time he deems fit. 

This is obviously just a precautionary measure being taken by the NFL because there's a 0.0 percent chance that any team would sign Hernandez before the resolution of his case. 

Hernandez is facing a total of six charges -- including the murder charge -- in the death of Odin Lloyd.