There are two sides to every story, and in the wake of Brock Osweiler spurning the Broncos to sign a four-year, $72 million deal with the Texans, we're hearing both.

Broncos president John Elway didn't mince words Wednesday, saying "We've stayed true to our philosophy of building a team with players who want to be Denver Broncos and want to be here."

Meanwhile, Osweiler's decision wasn't just about money, according to's Charles Robinson, but went back to the 2015 season, when coach Gary Kubiak benched him for Peyton Manning. And that was just the beginning.

Osweiler also took issue with the team putting his contract on the back burner while Manning contemplated retirement, not to mention the pressure of having to be "The guy to follow Manning," a proposition that didn't work out well for Brian Griese when he replaced Elway after the 1998 season.

More from Robinson:

So Denver waited for Manning, and Osweiler had time to sit and stew. He had time to think about the benching and what it would be like to take the team over if Manning left. And he had time to consider whether his growth and success would instantly be measured against a Hall of Fame quarterback who rode into the sunset after a Super Bowl-winning season. That's not exactly easy. Manning was close to the players in the offensive huddle, particularly the receivers. Would it still be Manning's team, even if he was gone?

While the news that Osweiler had signed with Houston was a shock to fans, media and even players, the Broncos were apparently expecting it.

But there's an explanation. Robinson writes: "While the wait for Manning was happening, the price tag inevitably went up, even as Osweiler took a back seat, avoiding awkward conversations with teammates about his potential return."

Brock Osweiler reportedly felt like the odd man out in Denver. (USATSI)
Brock Osweiler reportedly felt like the odd man out in Denver. (USATSI)

Whatever the reason, Osweiler's done in Denver and now he's the latest franchise quarterback in Houston. On Wednesday night, he posted this message to Instagram: "Tonight as I reflect back on my time in Denver, I am filled with gratitude for all the fans, teammates, and the Broncos organization for supporting me and giving me an incredible four years. Denver, you are a special place. Thank you for the love and the memories."

So now the Broncos' are in the market for a quarterback, and early reports are that Colin Kaepernick -- the same guy who was benched for Blaine Gabbert a season ago -- is the front- runner.

Other, less conventional options, might already be on the roster, however:

Fun fact: The Broncos will host the Texans next season.