Suspended Tom Brady answers questions about missing helmet decal

The last time we saw Tom Brady was in the Patriots' preseason finale on Sept. 1 when Brady played the entire first half in a 17-9 loss to the Giants.

Most of the time, people stop talking about preseason games about five minutes after they happen, but that didn't happen with this game because of something peculiar that went on with Brady's equipment. No, there weren't any deflated footballs, but Brady's helmet was slightly different than every other helmet worn in the game.

Unlike every other player, Brady didn't have an NFL decal on his helmet.

Did Tom Brady remove his NFL decal? USATIS/

Removing one of your decals is a no-no in the NFL.

An NFL spokesman recently told Pro Football Talk that a player could be punished if they removed the American flag decal from their helmet. If the same rule applies to the NFL's shield decal, then that wouldn't be good for Brady.

Brady finally got asked about "Decalgate" during a Westwood One radio interview with Jim Gray on Thursday.

So did Brady remove the decal?

"No, I didn't," Brady said, via the Boston Globe. "I don't even pay attention to what's on my helmet. I just hope the helmet's functional, that's all I'm trying to get the helmet to be. So I don't pay attention to the stickers or whatever else is on there and I certainly didn't remove anything."

Gray then asked Brady if he thought the NFL might investigate him for a minor equipment violation.

"I hope not," Brady said as he laughed. "I hope not. Again, it's something that... I don't know where it came from."

If Brady's unlucky, Roger Goodell will turn the conspiracy of the decals into another Deflategate.

After all, just like Deflategate, the decal situation involves someone doing something without Brady's knowledge. In the case of Deflategate, someone allegedly deflating footballs without Brady knowing. In the case of the decal, Brady said someone apparently took his NFL decal off without him knowing.

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