Tom Brady continues his trash talk with Mike Vrabel, presents him with a tiny trophy

The trolling between Tom Brady and Mike Vrabel continued on Thursday with the Patriots and Titans going through their second joint practice before their preseason exhibition on Saturday night. Wednesday saw the two former teammates go back and forth with one another, tossing playful jabs throughout the session including Vrabel jawing at Brady for walking on the field. 

On Thursday, Brady was the first to sling it by giving Vrabel, who celebrated his 44th birthday on Wednesday, a belated gift. He presented the second-year Titans head coach with a small trophy celebrating last year's 34-10 blowout win by Tennessee over the Patriots. While the Titans were able to win the battle on that day, Brady and the Pats were able to win the war, hoisting a sixth Lombardi Trophy later that season, which is undoubtably the subtle message behind the gift.  

We even got a glimpse of the trophy, which looks like something your kid would receive at at bowling tournament. 

"I don't think it's appropriate for me to speak about that private moment," a smiling Brady told reporters when asked about the trophy. "It was a nice gesture from me to me and hopefully he appreciates it." 

"Just a friend trying to give and old friend a present." Vrabel added of the gift. "Just a little trophy for coaching." 

Of course, the chirping didn't stop there as Vrabel went right back at Brady and veteran tight end Ben Watson after the two weren't able to connect during 7-on-7s. 

This competitive spirit between Brady and Vrabel is reminiscent to when the Titans head coach was back in his playing days with the Patriots. Over the course of his tenure in Foxborough, the two did spark a strong friendship that has carried into the present day. 

Despite that kinship, it doesn't stop either of them from spewing playful insults on the field. 

"I wouldn't describe it as civil," Brady said with a smirk, while talking about his trash talk with Vrabel "He's been a good friend for a long time. Obviously, he's done a great job leading his team. Proud of him and everything he's accomplished. We all support him even though he's coaching for another team."

Vrabel is entering his second year as the Titans head coach and Brady sees Tennessee evolving into a club that has similar characteristics to what he was like during his playing days. 

"He's extremely competitive," Brady said. "Really a hard-nosed, tough player. Competed at everything. When he played offense, he was an incredible player for us. Obviously, when he played defense, you know, one of the best Patriots to ever play. He dropped into coverage, he rushed, he covered and I think he's built a team that's very similar. Very hard-hitting, hard working -- just a good, tough, hard-nosed team."

These two teams will hit the field for their second preseason contest of the summer on Saturday and there will likely be no shortage of trash talk when they kick things off down in Nashville.  

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