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2020 NFL schedule: Ranking the five most difficult stretches that any team will face this year

Here are the five most difficult schedule stretches in the NFL for the 2020 season

2020 NFL schedule: NFLPA director doesn't sound as optimistic as the NFL that regular season will be played

DeMaurice Smith isn't so sure that we're going to see the NFL in 2020

Here are Tom Brady's nine biggest takeaways from 'The Match' with Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning

The Buccaneers QB had a lot of thoughts to share following his golf showdown on Sunday

NFL makes several tweaks to wild fourth-and-15 onside kick rule proposal that owners will vote on this week

The NFL just made some last minute changes to the rule proposal calling for a fourth-and-15 alternative to the onside kick

Adrian Peterson admits he 'didn't really like' one key move the Redskins made this offseason

The Redskins running back clearly was not very happy with one move that Washington made this offseason

Bears coach Matt Nagy admits to one major regret from 2019, says he won't make the same mistake this season

Matt Nagy definitely regrets at least one major decision he made in 2019

Eagles starter reveals the one offseason advantage his team has over the Cowboys and the rest of the NFC East

The Eagles apparently have one main advantage over the rest of the NFC East right now

Bengals 2020 schedule: Predicting every game, matchup odds, opponent win totals, record projection

Here's how we think the Bengals' season is going to turn out in 2020

Tom Brady reveals that he has a nine-part documentary coming, and here are all the details

The Buccaneers quarterback is getting the Michael Jordan treatment

Dolphins tried to run a Patriots-style offense in 2019 and it may have led to the eventual firing of their OC

This is why you shouldn't try to run the Patriots offense with another team

Cam Newton posts interesting new workout video and here's why NFL teams should take note

The former Panthers quarterback just posted a video that NFL teams are going to want to see

One Patriots player is already raving about Tom Brady's potential replacement Jarrett Stidham

The Patriots might be in good hands with Jarrett Stidham

NFL player files lawsuit against United Airlines over alleged sexual assault on cross-country flight

An NFL player was allegedly sexually assaulted during a recent flight from Newark to Los Angeles

Rams to unveil two more new uniforms as alternates and here's a guess on what they could look like

It seems the Rams aren't quite done introducing new uniforms yet

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