Now that we're four weeks into the season, we see teams starting to settle into their places, and the Bottom 25 title race is beginning to take shape. Last week's No. 1 New Mexico State beat our No. 3 UTEP to pick up its first win of the season, and that was a theme for the week. At this time last week, we had 14 winless teams and New Mexico State was one of 10 who picked up their first victory of the season. That means there are only four winless teams left compared to 21 undefeated teams.

So you tell me, which title is more prestigious? The College Football Playoff or The Bottom 25? 

No longer ranked: Florida State (22), UMass (17), Iowa State (14), Purdue (13), Western Kentucky (12), SMU (9), North Carolina (6), Old Dominion (4)