VIDEO: Happy 10th anniversary, A-Rod-Varitek brawl

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It was 10 years ago this very day that Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees and Jason Varitek of the Red Sox exchanged profane utterances followed by street-fighting moves in Fenway Park. 

Come with us, won't you?

So we've got two dueling archetypes in Varitek and A-Rod (accurately portrayed or no) flying the banners of two bitter, flagship rivals and attempting to throttle each other. Given the principals involved, it remains a minor miracle that the ensuing "debate" didn't ball up the Internet and fire it into the sun. I recall even the most otherwise measured and sensible of people being reduced to tribalist, spittle-flecked cretins over what you've just witnessed. And it was beautiful. 

As the story goes, this was the flashpoint moment that unified the Sox and launched them toward a drought-ending championship. I find this to be patent nonsense and a glaring example of causation-correlation error, but that was and probably still is to some extent the story appended to what you see above. 

So happy 10th, baseball hostilities! 

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