Dennis Rodman is more impressed with Klay Thompson than Stephen Curry

On Tuesday’s “Reiter Than You,” Dennis Rodman told CBS Sports’ Bill Reiter that Klay Thompson is the Golden State Warriors’ most important player. He was also pretty dismissive of Stephen Curry for some reason. You can watch Rodman’s comments in the video clip above, but the nonsense started after Reiter asked Rodman if Curry would have been a star in the 1990s.

“You know what, Steph Curry has took a step back,” Rodman said. “And it’s cool. It’s actually cool because if you see his game now, I always said with that Golden State team, I always say one thing: that one player is the player right there that makes that team. Who is that player?”

Someone in the audience guessed that Rodman was referring to Draymond Green, but the Hall of Famer said no. Then someone said Thompson’s name. 

“That is right there: Thompson,” Rodman said. “That kid right there is good. If he went to another team, he’d suck. What I’m saying is that Klay Thompson makes that team. Everybody’s always worried about Curry. I know Curry’s dad and all that bulls---. But Klay Thompson makes that team. It ain’t Green, that guy, no. It’s Klay Thompson.”

Honestly, I’m not even sure who Rodman is saying would “suck” on another team. In our video, we guessed that he meant Thompson makes the Warriors who they are, yet he would not be any good elsewhere. Which is, uh, a curious argument. Another interpretation is that Rodman is saying Curry, the back-to-back Most Valuable Player, would be no good if he was separated from Thompson. The original question was about Curry, after all.  

Anyway, does it even matter? Either statement would be outlandish and obviously false -- the Splash Brothers make each other better, of course, but neither one would lose his incredible shooting ability if Golden State suddenly made a team-altering trade. Rodman is the same guy who said that LeBron James would only be an average player in the 80s or 90s, so take that for what it’s worth. 

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