Josh Norman eviscerates Michael Crabtree after win: 'Did he even catch two balls?'

Josh Norman and the Redskins finally figured out how to slow down the Oakland Raiders' exciting offense. After the Raiders rolled over the Titans and Jets in the first two weeks of the season, some were already hailing the Oakland offense as unstoppable. How could anyone slow down Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper, after all? Enter Josh Norman and Bashaud Breeland, who held Crabtree and Cooper to one catch each for seven and six yards, respectively.

After the game, Norman delivered a passionate rant on Crabtree and Cooper. Norman scoffed at the idea of them putting up 200 yards on him and the Washington defense, saying "you don't come in here and say what you're gonna put up on somebody. 200 yards? Did he even catch two balls?"

Norman's voice broke during the rant, but he gave one of the single-best cornerback quotes in recent memory. "Coop [Amari Cooper] gonna take it back. [Michael] Crabtree, I have nothing to say to you. I may be Cover 2, but I'm Cover 1 too. I'm Cover 1, I'm Cover 2, I'm Cover 3 and Cover 4." 

He definitely backed it up on Sunday night, and the Redskins have the win to show for it. He also had strong words for Crabtree, saying "[Richard Sherman] was right. He said [Crabtree's] sorry but i don't think he's sorry, he sucks."

The Raiders will now have to head back and lick their wounds before facing off with the Broncos in Denver next week. It was undoubtedly a grounding loss for them, as Derek Carr struggled for the first time all year. Washington enters Week 4 at 2-1 and will face off with the Kansas City Chiefs next Monday night, one of the last two undefeated teams in the NFL alongside the Atlanta Falcons.

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