Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski drama continues, both players expected to skip final OTAs

It looks like Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski have both had enough practice for one offseason.  

After showing up for New England's three-day mandatory minicamp last week, it appears that Brady and Gronk have both decided not to stick around for the Patriots' final round of offseason training activites (OTAs), which will go down over four days this week (June 11-12, 14-15), starting on Monday. 

According to, both players plan to skip out on the team's set of four voluntary practices, which means the Patriots won't be seeing Gronk or Brady on the field again until training camp starts in late July. 

Of course, this news probably shouldn't come as a shock to anyone since both players had already skipped out on every other OTA session this offseason. The two stars didn't show up for any of the five practices that the Patriots held in May. 

With Brady and Gronk both expected to be no-shows, it will continue the offseason drama in New England that's basically been going on nonstop for the past four months. On Gronk's end, we have a player who is apparently not happy with his contract, not happy with his coach and who also spent three months thinking about quitting football.

When Gronk showed up to minicamp last week, he basically admitted that he was trying to restructure his deal so he could make more money in 2018.

"I don't know. Trying to," Gronk said, when asked last week if he was trying to redo his deal. "Who wouldn't?"

If a new deal had gotten done last week, it's possible that Gronk would have felt more compelled to attend the Patriots final round of OTAs, but the deal didn't get done, and now Gronk will be spending this week doing whatever it is that Gronk does with his free time. Most likely, spiking watermelons, crashing a bachelor party or spending the $950 he won betting on Gronkowski the horse during the Belmont Stakes on Saturday. 

As for his contract, Pro Football Talk has reported that Gronk will likely be getting a new deal before the 2018 season, but they did also add that nothing is "imminent."

On Brady's end, it's actually kind of surprising that he's decided to skip the final round of OTAs, but only because this is the same guy who emphasized the importance of OTAs back in 2013. 

"He (Bill Belichick) talks about, you think it's just an OTA in the spring time and it's not that important and all those things that probably could enter your mind," Brady said in 2013. "The truth is, this lays the foundation for the start of training camp and if you have a good training camp, it usually means a good start to the season. A good start to the season leads to good position entering the second half of the season. Everything ends up having some significance to it."

Although Gronk was willing to briefly talk about his contract during minicamp, the same can't be said for Brady. The Patriots quarterback completely ducked a question last week when he was asked about his current deal, which will only pay him $14 million in base salary in 2018, making him one of the most underpaid quarterbacks in the NFL

"I've never talked about my contract," Brady said. "I've never brought up money, I think for a lot of reasons that I've said over the years. Those things are very personal.

During that same interview, Brady said he missed the Patriots' first round of OTAs due to "personal reasons," which means Brady probably won't be going into any specifics about why he decided to skip any of the team's voluntary practices. 

Basically, after four months of keeping Patriots fans in a mild panic, it looks like Gronk and Brady are going to let this ongoing drama play out until training camp. 

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