I wrote this here a couple of weeks ago: If you're in the Bottom 25 at this point in the season, it's no longer about a little bad luck. The team you are now is -- with an occasional exception here and there -- the team you're going to be for the rest of the season. We've seen the rankings calm the last few weeks, with teams moving up or down a bit, but not as many teams falling out of the rankings entirely.

This is the week where I believe we've found our level. There are only two new teams in the Bottom 25 this week, which is the fewest number of new teams we've had at any point this year. Furthermore, the two new teams check in at Nos. 24 and 25. At this time of year, you have to work your way in, and you have to work even harder to get out. For most of our ranked teams, one win won't be enough to escape.

You'll have to keep winning.

No longer ranked: Colorado State (25), UL-Monroe (13)