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One aspect of The Bottom 25 that's been difficult to adjust to this season has been the preponderance of winless teams. I've long maintained in this column, on radio and generally just on street corners yelling at passersby that it's more difficult to go winless than it is undefeated.

We see it every season. There are typically three or four teams entering the final month of the regular season without a loss, while that number dwindles a lot quicker on the other end of the spectrum. And the reason for that has always been simple: nonconference cupcake games. Everybody wants to schedule at least one team they can beat!

Well, with the pandemic affecting scheduling this year and causing so many teams to play conference-only schedules, we're left with an abundance of winless teams. Entering the final few weeks of the regular season, we've got 15 winless teams remaining. It's incredible. There will be multiple teams that don't win a game and don't qualify for The Bottom 25 Playoff.

But, on the other side of that coin, it just means there are a lot more teams to root for in the final weeks. It's important to remember that, although I have fun with them in this column, I'm genuinely rooting for every single one of these teams to win games. Especially this year, with all the crap teams have to go through just to play, not getting to experience a win is heartbreaking.

No Longer Ranked: Michigan State (23), Stanford (8)